Time to Lose the Luddites

People in the Democrat Left such as Bill DeBlasio want a “robot tax” to penalize automation that they say displaces workers. Here is a song for them from the British “Horrible Histories” series. (Lyrics here)

Forbes article on the proposed “robot tax” The “robot tax” would apply to any company that used a forklift to replace backbreaking manual labor and also “would require Washington eliminate all tax incentives for any innovation that leads to automation.”

The Luddites have been wrong for more than 2000 years (the Romans were afraid an animal-propelled harvesting machine would make slavery uneconomical, as if that would have been a Bad Thing) and even the otherwise highly-capable Queen Elizabeth I refused to grant a patent for a knitting machine because she was afraid it would put weavers out of work. When Henry Ford automated automobile production it created more jobs, and at much higher wages, because it made automobiles available to the middle class.

The Democrats want a mandatory $15 an hour minimum wage regardless of whether the jobs can justify this kind of pay. Automation is what delivers $25 and $30 an hour jobs, and should be encouraged at every opportunity. This is what I mean by “A square deal for the working American; what would Henry Ford do?”

Flu shot protects against severe effects of COVID-19, study finds

From Science Daily:

“In a newly published study, physician-scientists at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine have shown that the flu vaccine may provide vital protection against COVID-19.” The article speculates (intelligently) that the flu shot boosts your immune system which gives some protection against Covid-19.

I got my flu shot today (August 27) and encourage you to get yours unless your doctor has a reason you shouldn’t get it (e.g. reactions to the eggs in which the vaccine is produced). Nothing on this web site constitutes medical advice, which I am not qualified to give, so follow your doctor’s instructions.

An Intelligent Way to Address Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Here is an intelligent way to address greenhouse gas emissions without giving money to non-producers with carbon taxes and carbon credit mandates. It also (1) reduces the price of meat because the producer does not pay to grow an entire animal, (2) eliminates all animal cruelty issues because no animals are involved, and (3) replaces dangerous meat packing factory jobs with high-wage chemical industry jobs. It is also conceivable that better meat (in terms of cholesterol and animal fats) can be grown than raised. I don’t see any downside to this.

Meat Grown in Israeli Bioreactors Is Coming to American Diners

Meat production produces about 14.5% (almost 1/7) of greenhouse gas emissions in the form of methane produced by bovine digestive processes. This means that bioreactor-grown meat (and also bioreactor-produced milk) would eliminate 14.5% of the emissions AND reduce meat prices while delivering higher wages.